Four Point Inspections

Why are four point inspections required?

Four point inspections are for insurance on homes near the coast in FL.  These homes can have a hurricane risk, and therefore need special insurance.  Since these are high risk homes, the only insurance available is through citizens, and they require 4-point inspections.

Can home inspectors perform four point inspections?

Apparently, yes, home inspectors can perform 4-point inspections for Citizens insurance.

At first, Citizens Insurance recognized the following individuals as qualified inspectors:

* Florida Licensed general, residential or building contractors
* Florida Licensed building inspector
* Florida Registered architect
* An engineer in the State of Florida
* A building code official (who is duly authorized by the State of Florida or its county's municipalities to verify building code compliance)

The electrical portion of the inspection should be completed by a Florida licensed electrician or journeyman.

But lately they have said home inspector can qualify if he is using an approved form.  Again, an electrician should sign off on the electrical section.  An example of an approved form is show in one of the links.  You should check to verify this form will meet the current requirements, as they can change.

Would a home inspector license help?

Yes, it might help you get some work, but you would have to meet the requirements above first.  You can learn more about homes with our advanced home inspection course offered on this site.  For a complete home inspection course, go to www.learnhomeinspection.com.  But, remember a four-point inspection has nothing to do with a home inspection, and is a completely different process.

Does a four point inspection have anything to do with the FL licensing law, set to take effect in 2010?

No, a four point inspection is only used for insurance inspections.