Making Money on Field Inspections

Most blog writers just don't get it because they don't understand the field inspection industry.  Banks know what home inspectors do, and they are not going to hire one to do a full home inspection when they already have a system in place -- a company that they work with -- that provides field inspections, because the banks have already been doing it for many years and they will get the service that they want.  They will tell the inspector, "Sorry we already have a service company we use for that," and the inspector will walk away clueless.  However, there is a way for a home inspector to get involved in the field inspection industry and maybe even start a company that provides services to banks, if they are willing to accept what the field inspection industry does, and how it is so different from home inspection.  If the same home inspector walked into a bank said, "I have a field inspection company that specializes in drive-by's and interiors and we can offer you a better service at a lower price with faster turn-around than your current service company," then the bank wouldn't just dismiss him.

To Learn Home Inspection, go to the leader in Home Inspection training, The Professional Home Inspection Institute, at www.learnhomeinspection.com.  You can get certified as a home inspector, then with your credentials, go into the banks and offer to do Field Inspections, because you can spot other problems (while you are there) you will have more business than someone that only takes some photos and leaves.